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Getting Started: The Family Dynamic

The hard part is over, you have decided to ask for help with your loved one. Nathan and his team are trained to make this process effective and caring.

Concerned members call for help regarding their loved one. Families are in complete disarray. The initial phone call can be out of venting emotional outbursts. Concerned members have lost control and need to be heard and reassured that they are not alone and that help is available. All of the individual’s information, legal, health and social data is collectible and explanation of the type of suitable programs is provided.

The pre-intervention meeting is scheduled and includes all the concerned parties of the addict. The Intervention process is explained; all participants are requested to prepare a letter to the individual stating their concerns and experiences which led to the intervention. Open communication is essential to gather all data and establish a unified bond. Any weak link in the intervention process will result in the individual looking for loopholes to avoid help. Confidentiality is established as a priority for all participants and the individual.

The pre-intervention is the rehearsal for consistency, structure and cohesiveness. All appropriate behaviors and responses by the individual are explored and prepared for.

Where will Your Loved One Go?

Research for the appropriate placement has been completed and travel plans secured. All participants are bonded together with the simple goal of assisting the individual into treatment. The interventionist will secure their role as the leader of the process and will establish all framework and procedures for the entire process.

The Intervention Takes Place

The intervention will take place at a designated site where safety, structure and confidentiality can be upheld. All participants present their concerns and the individual is requested to remain respectful and listen even if he/she disagrees with the process, facts or emotional concern of the family. Emotional outbursts are kept to a minimum.

The process and interventionist will provide order and limits. Emotional displays by the individual are expected and can run the gamut from anger to sadness, depression and threats of running away. There are no negotiations, the treatment program and plans of travel are explained, and time limits are established.

As a concerned parent, you have the right to place your child in a therapeutic program without their approval.


Divine Interventions safely escorts your loved one to the appropriate facility and provides assessment information to the facility. We are an integral part of the entire treatment process including aftercare plans and case management.

If followed this process, plan and commitment can and will save the life of your loved one.

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