What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a safe, structured, caring and compassionate confrontation used as a final resort for getting a loved one the help that is desperately needed. The issues addressed in an Intervention can include serious drug problems, gambling, eating disorders, self-mutilation, pornography, computer, t.v., gaming excess. Any person who is addicted to anything that affects their health and their family adversely can be helped by this method.

Interventions can be stressful, painful and overwhelming, but so worthwhile. The Intervention is the initial step in saving families from total devastation.

Divine Intervention is meticulous in its approach. We walk you through every step of the process; from the initial phone call to aftercare.

  • Professional help is a phone call away
  • Identify the appropriate care for your loved one
  • Onsite Intervention Process
  • Safe Escorted Transportation By Trained, Compassionate Professionals
  • Liaison with Treatment Facility
  • Ongoing Case Management


There are many approaches to performing an intervention:

1. The Johnson Model (surprise approach) by Vernon Johnson

Essentially relies on direct confrontation to break the cycle of denial and force the loved one into change.

2. Systemic Model (invitational approach)

Focus is on the entire family inviting everyone to change. The loved one is invited to participate in a supportive environment. The family processes the addiction together and examines their respective roles.

3. Arise Model (invitational approach) designed by Dr. Judith Landau and James Garrett

Designed to support the family through a healing process using a gentle systemic approach. Success is found to be in the engagement of the family in the intervention process itself.

4. Field Model (James Mintz – for mental health intervention)

Knowledge-based model that strategizes working with complex family systems that are facing “chronic lifestyle dysfunction”

5. Harm Reduction Therapy (DRT)

Focuses not on total abstinence, but the “less bad” theory. The aim is for the person to understand their relationship with their addiction, as well as reduce the social and personal harm they are creating in their lives and their families.

6. Breakthrough Intervention Method (Brad Lamm)

The core of this invitational approach is the “family.” The family surrounds the loved one and invites them to change. The family unit is an agent for change that allows the loved one to change course.

Divine Intervention Care is adept and experienced with all of these intervention approaches. We have a multi-faceted approach and individualize all of our interventions to therapeutic needs of the family and their respective loved one.

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