In-Home Therapy

Divine Intervention Care is proud to introduce a dynamic concept in the treatment of addiction and mental health.

Many families are overwhelmed with negative and destructive behavior and are not capable or prepared to commit to a residential treatment program.

Our qualified caring staff will meet with concerned members in a compatible environment, outside the home, hear their concerns, prepare for an in-home intervention, assessment and develop a corrective action plan.

We will monitor the individual’s acceptance of the plan and provide consequences and behavioral intervention if necessary. Review of the plan and progress will take place on a weekly basis. Privileges and changes to the plan will ensue if and when a positive behavior is witnessed. Concerned members will be active participants in corrective, appropriate behavioral techniques.

If there is a need for out-of-home placement, the family will be accepting and invested in the placement.

In-home therapy allows all of the opportunity to assess, evaluate, correct, monitor and case manage.

In-home services include curfew monitoring, school and work attendance monitoring, homework, household chores participation, family function participation and appropriate communication. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to discuss this valuable therapy option with you.

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